The FAQs about Newvella

What is Newvella?
Newvella is a platform which enables you to discover new books in a novel way. Our goal is to make reading fun again through discovery.
Why was Newvella created?
Newvella was created as a school project, but has evolved into so much more.
What’s next for Newvella?
We just finished up with our first round of user testing, and plan to incorporate feedback and improvements into the system. Our main short term focus is on implementing curation refinement, user accounts and search.

Why can't I find a specific book?
We are currently using only the top 1,500 books. We are working to include over 50,000 books along with a search functionality soon.
Why is there only the first book in a series?
To avoid cluttering the lists with many books from the same series, we have chosen to only show the first book in a series.
I don't see my favourite genre on the "Select Genres" page, where is it?
We have picked the top 20 genres.